Hempathic hair care series is based on a unique formula that preserves all the beneficial components of the hemp plant and its virtues, even after it completes the steps of the manufacturing process to produce hair preparations.

In addition to hemp oil, the series contains Keratin and other natural herbal oils such as soy protein, Propolis, Shea Butter, Nettle, Rosemary, and more.

The Keratin ingredient is a protein that naturally in your hair .When using a hair product containing functional keratin proteins, you are effectively replacing the missing and damaged keratin from your hair.

As long as the keratin in your product shares the form, sequence (and therefore function) of the natural keratin, it will work just like your own keratin does and will patch up the frayed cortex and smooth out those ruffled protein scales.

PALOMA succeeded to combine between the hemp oil and the keratin ingredients thus that the both ingredients will work more effectively and more synergetic.

The series products do not contain SLS or PARABEN


The series includes the following items: